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How can I get help if I need deportation and removal defense?

Our office represents those individuals whose cases are before an Immigrantion Judge, whether they are detained or not. We have years of experience in criminal-relatied immigration matters. We will contest removability if your case is improperly before the Court or apply all available relief from deportation or removal.

Can I bring my family to the United States?

Lawful Permanent Residents and United States Citizens may immigrate certain family members. Our office will determine whether those relatives are eligible to “adjust their status” in the United States or process their immigrant visa at a United States Consulate overseas.

Is it possible to obtain a green card through employment?

It is possible to obtain Lawful Permanent Residence (“Green Card”) through employment. Our office will help you determine which route is most appropriate for you: Extraordinary Ability; Exceptional Ability; Multi-National Executive or Manager; Special Immigrant Minister; Religious Worker or Professional; or “Labor Certification.”

What are business/investor visas?

E-1 and E-2: E-1 and E-2 visas are available for business investors, managers and employees who need to remain in the United States for extended periods of time. To qualify for an E-1, the business manager, owner or employee must oversee or work in the enterprise which is either engaged in trade between the United States and a qualifying foreign country. For an E-2 the investor or employees of the business must engage in major investment in a United States enterprise.EB-5: Visas are available to qualified individuals seeking to obtain permanent residence in the United States on the basis of their investment in a United States business so long as they satisfy all EB-5 requirements. Lawful Permanent Residence  Status is available to investors, either alone or coming with their spouse and unmarried children.

What is a student visa?

Foreign nationals may obtain visas to enter the United States to engage in academic studies. Though subject to some restrictions, students can range from elementary school to postdoctoral students.

What are the benefits of becoming a United States citizen?

United States citizenship may be obtained by birth, naturalization or derivatively. There are certain benefits to obtaining United States citizenship, such as federal employment benefits, greater freedom to travel to other countries, availability of grants and scholarships, certain tax benefits, freedom from the fear of deportation and the right to vote. Our office can help determine if you are eligible to file for naturalization or, whether by operation of law, you are already a citizen of the United States.

What does it mean to seek asylum?

Individuals, who fear persecution or have already suffered persecution in their country, including stateless individuals, may be eligible to apply for asylum and obtain protection in the United States. There are other forms of relief also available to individuals who do not satisfy the requirements of asylum.

What are the non-immigrant visas?

Our clients have successfully obtained non-immigrant visas at American Consulates overseas as well as through change of status in the United States, including: E-1, E-2, F-1, H-1, H-3, J-1, K-1, K-3 & K- 4, L-1, O-1, P-1, R-1, TN, V-1 and derivative visas for qualifying family members. Below is a brief description of just some of these: H-1B: H-1B status is for foreign workers who have the equivalent of a United States Bachelors degree and have a job offer in a specialty occupation. Our office will assist you in obtaining an evaluation of your degree, or combination of degree and experience, and will determine whether the job officer qualifies for H-1B status: K-1: United States Citizens may petition for their Fiancé(e)s. We will advice you on complying with the requirements and will assist you in defending eligibility through waivers of certain requirements. Once the Fiancé visa is issued, the Fiancé(e) arrives n the United States and the marriage takes place, we will assist him/her in obtaining Lawful Permanent Residence (“Green Card”).

K-3 and K-4: We will assist United States citizens in uniting with their spouses and children and overcoming the delay in processing caused by work backlogs at the USCIS (Formerly INS):

L-1A: Overseas companies that have or wish to establish United States offices may need to transfer executive, managerial or specialized personnel to the United States. This Intra-company Transferee visa enables key employees to be posted temporarily to the United States office:

O-1: Individuals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, which has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim and whose achievements have been recognized in the field through extensive documentation may be granted this visa to continue to work in their area of extraordinary ability:

R-1: Religious “ministers,” including priests, pastors, rabbis and imams, may be admitted to the United States to perform religious work for their religious organization in the United States. This visa may also be granted to other religious workers and professionals.

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